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Yooz Vape Pod System Review

At the moment when I received the product for review, I really thought that the shipment was wrong. When I unloaded the delivery outer packing box, it was such a big item bundle. In the beginning glimpse, it seemed right. This is a starter package with a sense of innovation. The overall design of YOOZ pod system is really clinical and technological. More exactly, this is a pod vape with a gift feature!

Such a huge size packaging box can’t be stingy within.

Two independent packaging boxes: Onebox includes the gadget, another comes with the devices!

It’s easy to acknowledge it as a new smart phone for those who have not been seen vapes.

The other box includes 4 flavors of yooz pods!!!

No bullshit on product packaging anymore, let’s take a look at the material with some functions!

The gadget includes the dreamland black ice similar to the Marlboro pearl, the mellow traditional tobacco, the enjoyable mung bean with the aftertaste of the green mood in summer season, and the ice mint that is so cool and rejuvenating.

The basic Android charging interface doesn’t add any difficulty to charging!

When charging, the LED under the logo will be on

The silver and gray colors match my desktop extremely well!

Bottom line: no fingerprints left in the sandblasting of the device, no problem in 2 days utilize after the full power charge, no vapor will be produced throughout charging.

There are air inlets on both sides of the logo design indicator light, which have low suction resistance in typical use. It is comfortable to vape fruits and peppermint taste. It is recommended to try to use your finger to block one side of the air intake to increase suction resistance when vaping with tobacco taste.

I received this product for review prior to this year. At least I’m sure that you will all go to work after the year, so I can share it.

Use data and stats summary!

Compared with the user experience of YOOZ electronic cigarettes, the charging speed is the same as the formally specified time. It can be completely charged and revived in about half an hour, and even the charging time during the use duration will be quicker! As to the 500 puffs official pod endurance, I don’t have specific statistics.

Men still battling with brand-new gadgets, this is a great option!

As a pod vape promoted by the mainstream market, the pod leakage is also a point that needs to be improved and resolved. At least in the present usage process, this YOOZ pod system has actually done well.

Some men will ask how about the taste of the pod system. I can tell you exactly that YOOZ vape as a pod system, its atomization effect and taste are not inferior to any other brand at all, but more impressive!

We will share a video of YOOZ vape!

The total design of YOOZ pod system is technological and very scientific. More precisely, this is a pod vape with a present function!

It is comfy to vape fruits and peppermint taste. As a pod vape promoted by the mainstream market, the pod leakage is also a point that needs to be enhanced and solved. At least in the present usage procedure, this YOOZ pod system has done well.

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