Review with IJOY Captain Tank Mercury Kit Pod System Shogun Mod Diamond mini

I have a vapeciga IJOY Captain Tank sourcemore the purposes of this review.

IJOY captain chose two colors:

  • blue
  • Bronze
  • Red
  • Black
  • Rainbow


  • Size: 136.8mm x 52.2mm x 33mm
  • Battery: Double 18650
  • Output Power: 5-180W
  • Resistance Range: 0.05-3.0Ω
  • Screen Size: 0.96 inches
  • Material: aluminum alloy and silicon
  • E-juice Capacity: 5 ml / 2 ml
  • Firmware Update

In the box:

  • USB cable
  • master tank V (X3-coil mesh preinstalled)
  • X3-coil C1
  • Free
  • Warranty Card

The IJOY Diamond mini click in Captain 2 Captain and Captain mod 5 atomizer. This device is available in 5 different colors. complete the package, the package you get everything you need and receive an additional coil. Kit 136.8mm x 52.2mm dimensions are x 33mm.


Teacher 5 mm is 28 m high with bubbles and foam tank 51 mm. atomizer build quality is good, a good kid and everything was as it should be. In the atomizer can see some details of the control on housing and called a higher air flow, can see some details of the top cover, you can see “Captain V”, under the atomizer can see the standard information. In the package with atomizer, acquiring two large rolls.

Dropwise installed board has two O-rings, it is still a very nice place and it was inconvenient to use. This atomizer can not use the standard or 510 810 tips fall.
Down plunge end, one can see the upper cap on the top cover so that it can more easily see the details can unscrew the top lid atomizer. the discussion here is really good and you can easily recover the atomizer. Elimination of the top cover, can be seen two large holes where you can fill up the tank and the tank can be filled in a simple process.

With the atomizer, you receive two tanks, tanks and tank ordinary bubble. With a capacity of 5 ml aerosol bubble tank really good capacity and the capacity of flat glass tank was 2 ml.
Using the spray, which received two rollers, one of the network x3 x3 and the other coil is a coil C1. Rolls receive nets x3 atomizer coil, the coil resistance is 0.15ohm and work 40-90w. This receiving coil in a package C1 is x3 coil, coil resistance is 0.4ohm coil and 60-90w work.

Basically, you can see the air flow control ring, the ring can view the details so that you can adjust the air flow with ease. In the air flow control dial, you can see the two air holes and that some adjustment will be the same on the other side.

modification:Vapecigav IJOY Mercury Kit is powered by two batteries and work mod 18650 5-180w. mod good build quality, which is made of good material and this mod must be resistant to water and dust, shockproof, but on their website you can find information about it, only to be told that the military mod mod class

This mod is very convenient to use and when grip mod you can see how it is. In the Ministry of Defense, you can see the details of a side, you can see the “IJOY” and the other side you can see the “Captain 2”

From the top you can see the mod wireless connection here was good and I had no problems. Goldplated 510-pin spring here.

From below, you can see the mod mod battery door and is powered by two batteries 18650. The battery cover is good and so far I have not had a problem here. You really can be easily incorporated into a battery and can easily take. By opening the battery door, you can see the rubber to protect water sources.

On one side of the mod, you can see a big fire button. the release button is dislocated and works very well. I could say that I like this shutter button, which is to use really convenient.
From the front of the mod, you can see the USB port and the minus button and the screen. In the USB port, you can see the cover water protection. This is not the kind of c USB port. The buttons are good here and no problems with the button. We here 0.96inch screen and on the screen, we have a lot of information.

You can enable or disable the device when the shutter is clicked 5 times. When the screen is on, you can see:

  • W
  • The battery indicator
  • Ohm
  • A
  • V
  • Modus
  • blow
  • time vaping

At the click 3 times on the shutter button, you can go to the menu and the menu you can see:

  • Power (You can change the heat)
  • Tc (Ni, Ti, Ss, M1, M2)
  • RCT
  • Set (Time screen)
  • Restoration Hojaldre

Clicking on the plus and minus buttons together, you can lock mod and you must do the same to open when the mod is locked, you can not use the mod.

My spirit:

Let me start with the atomizer, the construction quality of a good spray. You can fill up a simple process.Show new IJOY Pod System Kit tip good use

but you can not use standard point here is not 510 or 810 drops. With the atomizer, you receive two tanks so you can use one of them, I prefer to use here because the capacity of the tank bubble, the capacity of the tank glass bubble High Capacity 5ml here. You can replace the coils easily and you can buy this spray for many different rolls, you can even buy the head of the RBA for this device. Atomizer for solids, flavor regual coil, but with a very good reel, which project mesh coil. Mod is very good, the same as the Ministry of Defense. Very good build quality mod mod and is resistant to water, dust and shocks, such as the military class mod. Mod is very convenient to use, it really feels good in the hand. the trigger is also very convenient, works well and I think the fire button here is really good. I really like the battery cover, until now, no problem. Only in this scam mod in my opinion, is on the screen, we have a lot of information about the brightness of the screen is good, but not too good in the room, you can see everything on the screen is very good, but the outside no good. perfroms very good mod, and you really have a problem with the mod. I really recommend that mod and as I said it works very well with solid aerosols mesh coil and you can buy a head RBA for these sprayers that I like, you can definitely try this kit.

It has data. Okay? This mod 49 output amplifier. Very impressive. I’ve never had a dual battery mod go over 40 and just hit 30-40 40. Most tap. Only a few mods batteries triple and quadruple as high as 49. Even Maxo 315 and 365 wolves snow hit 40. It was awesome. 212 watt limit below the limit of 234 volts advertising is so call 6422 6.5. Watts and Volts sad limit. voopoo slides hit more than 7 volts and many mods as strangers put more than 212 watts with the worst battery. I would like to see a total of 234 works as expected. There are still more than 200 watts is not bad for a dual battery model. This model also gets very hot. Not a full mod own or batteries, but the dish in the mod. This combustion. It’s almost as if it absorbs all the heat atomizers. I never tried the model that has the hot top. As numbers go, the shot was consistent, but the signal unstable. He also hit sometimes low and sometimes high. Only in some cases are somewhat accurate model. In addition to hitting the limit, a severe case of power 25 and a bad case of low watt is 5. It is especially affected at the top. Except that you do not feel like I’ll explain a little. Moreover, on several occasions, reducing up to 25 watts makes no difference in the output of the mod. It is not the first time I saw in the Ministry of Defense, but is quite rare. For example, when tested 0164-200 watts and 175 watts output is the same (197 watts) equal to 0.373 ohm test 125 watts to 100 watts produce the same results (111 watts). Then drained by putting 75 to 100 watts. Therefore, the decrease 125-75 (difference 50 watt) mod change the total power 11 watts (111-100)

Now let’s talk about why a high kick can not feel. 510 pins in this mod is a bad player. Do not disassemble this mod to see the actual design of a pin 510, but I can say it was too deep to make contact first spring with very little resistance to it and jump to the cause. In fact, 2 of about 10 of my atomizers used in this, rejecting the job (ie, a jacket and aromamzier 200) see also much less resistance. I read from 0.1 to 0.88; 0.15 read in 0142, I read at worst 0.164 0.2 and everything I read in the 0.373 0.52. This means that in reality, for example, in a test of 75 watts makes me completely when 100 deaths out of 72 models do not realize. This strange case of “two almost only mistakes” That’s why I do not feel like it was a great success. The combination of reading with low resistance, high balancing mod shot for good performance. That’s why they hate examiners would be too with the “feel” of it, because it really get an answer. Where someone might say:

 I describe all this poor artist mode watts or because the chip itself and the pin 510 IJOY Shogun Mod with here https://www.vapeciga.com/products/ijoy-shogun-univ-tc-mod-kit-with-katana-tank-180w

Mode using a wire SS SS, short version is that every step of the way. You can watch the live video when it does well, but in my tests, even with the modest building (space coil to its simple once and double-spaced around the coil) with a single axle and saturated steam 550F morning . My best guess is that 510 pins. resistance jump suddenly makes temperature control. Mod same time, even lead to a temperature anyway. Only output temperature control urine bad this mod. The actual use of the double coil configuration imagination, temperature control also reduces too soon. It was like the air vaping. Not good at all. General I, this model could not control the temperature.


  • You can not use a standard 810 or 510 tip down
  • Brightness of the screen
  • No c USB


  • The build quality is good
  • TIP
  • easy to fill
  • No leakage
  • Many different coils
  • head RBA
  • 5 ml capacity
  • Two coils in the package
  • good taste with mesh coil
  • mod military class
  • good fire button
  • comfortable to use
  • Easy to use
  • The battery cover in good condition
  • Much of the information on the screen

You can buy it here:IJOY https://www.vapeciga.com/collections/ijoy

sourcemore thanks

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