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Reasons why Vape is banned

Vape, Dreamer mod very popular among young people, is known as the substitute and terminator of traditional cigarettes, especially the arrival of the domestic vape era in 2018 was all the rage, but after the 2019 Vape storm in the United States and the country on November 1, 2019 After the introduction of Vape related regulations: “The National Tobacco Monopoly Administration/State Administration for Market Supervision and Administration Announcement No. 1 of 2019 on Further Protecting Minors from Vape Infringement”, the Vape industry has suffered an unprecedented impact and the development speed has slowed. The Vape industry has shifted from online to offline, and from online shopping to self-purchasing in vape stores, basically incorporating the same management model as cigarettes.

The existing relevant national regulations do not allow VapeVape online sales, and can only be purchased in the form of offline stores. The official reason is that Vape also has certain hazards, and Vape has caused great health risks to minors. To ensure that minors cannot purchase Vape through online shopping, and to prevent Vape companies from inducing misunderstandings of Vape through false advertisements, it is decided that Vape cannot be sold online or published on the Internet.

In fact, Vape and cigarettes are equally addictive. The reason why cigarettes can be addicted is mainly because they contain nicotine, which can play a role in refreshing, anti-anxiety, and nerve-stimulating. Vape was invented in order to be able to achieve harmony with cigarettes. Nicotine is also added to the same effect, so this is why Vape is not as choking as cigarettes and does not have as many ingredients in cigarettes, but it has the effect of replacing cigarettes. The basic conclusions of various countries can conclude that Vape is better than cigarette It’s much healthier, but it’s not harmless.

Vape has been very popular in the United States in recent years. The outbreak of Vape death in the United States in 2019 pushed Vape to the forefront. After investigation, there was no evidence that it was the cause of Vape death. However, the chaos in the Vape market in the United States has since been exposed. Oil can be injected in the United States. Vape-style marijuana products were added by many Vape extreme fans and then smoked, so many teenagers were victimized. It also exposed the lack of Vape supervision.

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