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Nrx V3 Pod Kit Review

I know that non reusable pod systems frequently get a bum rap, with notorious devices like the Juul frequently developing media buzz and havoc. Nevertheless, there’s no denying simply how reliable non reusable systems can be. The market for rather some time has actually been dominated by the likes of Juul with very few others enduring the marketplace not to mention making it to the forefront. However if you have actually been paying attention, things have been quiet lately without lots of brand-new players entering the field. Get in with a brand-new system out of New Zealand, made by a company called NRX Vape short for Nicotine Transformation X. The system is called the NRX Air, and though it seems to have been established with Asian tastes in mind after test driving it for a couple of weeks myself I think that is among the things that truly sets it apart. Here’s a take a look at the NRX Air care of

Packaging and contents:

The starter set comes packed with an NRX Air device, two pre-filled pods, a short but rather great braided USB type-C cable television and a user handbook. It’s available in midnight black, navy, pearl white, red and teal mint. An exceptionally basic kit but everything you ‘d require to get going is included.

The NRX Air:

On one side it has the letters NRX with the X lighting up to suggest when it’s firing, charging and the battery status. It has a comparable size and shape to lots of other pod systems like the Juul or Stlth however with one distinguishing factor, it uses USB type-C to charge rather than a proprietary adapter or micro USB.


There isn’t any kind of airflow control and air to the pod comes by means of 2 small holes one on each side but even covering them up the draw remains fairly tight. As for output policy, on their item page they point out a Smart AI chip that controls the voltage and pod-specific power for consistent flavour, hits and performance so the output is managed and constant which for me is always a big plus.

The NRX Air III atomizer Pods:

The pods that come with the set are made of PCTG plastic, hold 1.5 ml of liquid each and appear to come in a basic strengths of 3 or 4% of salt based nic. There are really two types of pods that can be acquired for the gadget and one of each comes with the kit. One type uses ceramic coils and the other appears to use a more conventional cotton based coil.

They likewise point out a brand-new type of atomization innovation and from the images on their site it appears to be some type of mesh sandwiched inside their atomizer heads. So far, performance has actually been definitely strong and the output and flavour I obtain from these pods is smooth and full. I did discuss that the device appears to be originally geared towards an Asian market so being half Japanese myself the list of flavours and the ones I got to try really attract me and I picture they’ll also do well in locations like Vancouver and Toronto. TastyClouds were kind sufficient to send some samples so I’ll note the flavours I tried and initial thoughts listed below:

Iced Lychee( consisted of with package): One of the default flavours in the set, it’s a great light lychee flavour with a mild hit of ice. Fairly subtle for lychee however nice and refreshing.

Tieguanyin Tea( included with kit): One of my favourites from another default and the bunch flavour. It’s a type of Oolong tea that’s really identify on but it likewise consists of a hit of ice on the exhale.

Apple Sorbet: One of the milder flavours in the set. It’s a good tidy and easy apple flavour once again with a lightly iced exhale.

Mung Bean Popsicle: This one will appear strange to many westerners however mung bean is a popular flavour in the East. This one to me is quite area on as well and actually tastes like mung bean which to lots of may advise them a little soy milk but with a relatively strong hit of ice. A very unique flavour and one that numerous Asians will likely value.

Ultra Cola: You can’t have a pod system without a soda pop flavour and this one is pretty straightforward. It tastes like soda pop but with a light hit of ice on the exhale.

Watermelon: This one is another rather basic and uncomplicated flavour, it’s watermelon. It’s not too sweet and is also accompanied by a very light ice on the exhale. This one might have the lightest ice of the set.

ICE BRG: ChewChew Grape: This was another favorite of mine from the lot. It too has a very minor ice on the exhale but quite mild compared to the others.

ICE BRG: Ripe Mango: Funny enough I discover the ICE BRG pods to have less ice in them than the others. As this ripe mango is practically just a nice tasting ripe mango with just a really light ice on the exhale.

ICE BRG: Sugary Food Lychee: I kind of anticipated this one to be a repeat of iced lychee however I really get considerably more lychee flavour from this one and perhaps a touch less ice. I’m a huge fan of lychee so this was another one that actually peaked my interests!

Every single one of them includes at least a little bit of ice which might be an issue for some. Aside from that, the flavour and performance of the NRX Air is on point and I have not had a single concern with the device misfiring or the pods dripping. With fascinating Asian inspired flavours like mung bean and Tieguanyin tea these truly struck home for me, they even have a red bean flavour but unfortunately I wasn’t able to try them all.

I did mention that the gadget appears to be originally geared towards an Asian market so being half Japanese myself the list of flavours and the ones I got to try truly appeal to me and I envision they’ll likewise do well in locations like Vancouver and Toronto. Mung Bean Popsicle: This one will appear unusual to numerous westerners but mung bean is a popular flavour in the East. A very distinct flavour and one that many Asians will likely value.

Watermelon: This one is another uncomplicated and somewhat standard flavour, it’s watermelon. Every single one of them includes at least a little bit of ice which might be an issue for some.

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