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Fruit-flavored e-cigarette manufacturers are restricted by FDA

In September, the FDA required five manufacturers-Juul, British American Tobacco’s Vuse, Altria’s MarkTen, Imperial Brand’s Blu e-cigarette, and Japan Tobacco’s Logic-to submit plans to reduce the use of their products by teenagers within 60 days. According to the FDA, these five companies account for about 97% of the e-cigarette market.

  Since then, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb has said that he has met with executives of each of the companies mentioned above, and they have put forward “thoughtful” suggestions on measures that companies and institutions can take to curb the use of youth.

Fruit Flavored Electronic Cigarette

  Gottlieb said in a statement: “These companies admit that flavored e-cigarette products will attract children to use, but will also help adult smokers to quit smoking.”

  Gottlieb said e-cigarettes are a public health crisis, and the agency may restrict Fruit-flavored e-cigarettes are sold to places with stricter age checks, and sales are considered to be restricted to e-cigarette stores.

  Reynolds America, a subsidiary of British American Tobacco, said it plans to impose penalties on retailers who sell to underage children and strengthen its online sales to curb use by teenagers.

Fruit Flavored Electronic Cigarette

  Altria said that it will withdraw its MarkTen cartridge-based products and stop selling all flavored flavors except menthol or tobacco in cigarettes before FDA review and approval. The company’s spokesperson Steve Callahan pointed out: “We are as worried as the FDA about the use of e-cigarette products by young people, and hope to solve this problem together.” The company has previously stated that it supports raising the age of buying tobacco products from 18 to 21. Juul also supports this idea and requires its online shoppers to be 21 years old.

  Victoria Davis, a spokeswoman for Juul, said that based on the FDA’s feedback, executives are finishing their proposals. “Our plan will outline the further actions we will take to keep Juul away from young people,” she said.

  Michele Maron, a spokeswoman for Japan Tobacco, said the company supports the FDA’s practices, “including efforts to remove products that are not commercially operated, marketed, or sold in accordance with regulations.”

  Gottlieb said that the company welcomes any voluntary measures to address the use of e-cigarettes by young people. The problem.

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