Everything You Need to Know About Vaping Smoke

What is it about a new e-liquid from Vaporizer Juice Company that makes it so addictive? Is it the sweet, delicious flavor? Is it the pungent, comforting scent? Is it the fact that vaporizer juice allows you to inhale smoke and not just water?

vape smoke

Let’s begin by examining vaporizer smoke. You might think vaporizer smoke is some new compounds created by science that we don’t know about yet. However, vaporizer smoke has actually been around for quite some time. In ancient times, people used to smoke from burning herbs and spices as a source of healing. The process was incomplete combustion, since the smoke didn’t go up through the air like smoke in a regular cigar.

It’s possible that vapour (that which has not yet converted into either gas or liquid) is a much more natural, and therefore safer, way of getting smoke in our bodies than electronic cigarettes. Many people are afraid of nicotine replacement therapy, (how addictive nicotine is, anyway?) and of cigarettes in general. However, it seems that if vapor can be used in place of cigarettes without creating addiction, then vaporized electronic cigarette smoke could be a much safer treatment for the problems we have with nicotine addiction.

A very interesting paper from the University of Wisconsin suggests that there are at least two different ways in which vapor can help reduce cravings for food and other substances that we normally crave. Basically, the theory is that while smoking causes a release of lots of dopamine, a substance in the brain known as a neurotransmitter, the same thing happens when you vaporize the e-juice – it triggers a release of dopamine and similar chemicals. So in the second hand, the idea is that vapor is less “addictive” than smoking. So why should we want to try to quit smoking with vapor?

Well, there are some very important differences between smoke and vapor. For one thing, there is no visible ash or residue to deal with – no need to brush your teeth, or throw away your toothbrush. Also, you can breathe much easier in a hot shower when you are breathing vapor instead of smoke, since the vapors evaporate much more quickly and don’t stay around as long. All of these differences add up to a much healthier alternative that might actually be more desirable than conventional therapies.

But does this all apply only to the second hand smokers, or to those who only dabble? Well, it looks like the effects are quite consistent – even for those who only use their pen or small vaper for a few moments on occasion. This means that if you are using a vaporizer on a regular basis, you are probably inhaling much less than you think. In fact, the amount that you think you are breathing is likely much higher than what you are actually breathing in. But as with anything else, regular use of any product that produces smoke is just as bad as regular use of tobacco smoke, so you can always use an air purifier or a home humidifier to combat the problem.

If you are already trying to quit smoking but have been unable to do so successfully, it’s probably because you used tobacco while you were trying to break free of the habit. Smoke from a traditional cigarette looks and feels different to that produced by a vapor of Cigarettes don’t contain any of the harmful chemicals found in tobacco smoke, so you don’t need to worry about that. The same goes for chewing gum: you don’t need to fear the chemicals that may be found in the gum.

Some researchers are now focusing on studying the effects of passive smoking, the effect that you get by indulging in an occasional vaper over the long term. Other researchers are looking at the effects of long-term inhalation of e-liquids. It looks like passive smoking may be much worse for your health than regular smoking: the same chemicals that are found in cigarettes are present in e-liquids. It is believed that some of these chemicals may remain in the body after a person has finished using an e-liquid.