Comment of dovpo vv box mod basium squonk nickel 230w topside dual

Fold the superstructure is the latest vapeciga vv box mod, and two dual battery mod after Squonk Basium. They have existed for some years, but I have not personally tried many of their products – although I’ve reviewed your battery From up there one time, and I found it to be a good player. Again, this mod was designed by Brian of chronic steam also known as TVC, who designed a series atomizers fall.

This mod was sent to me by MyVpro waive the fee, which is currently available at a reduced price.

Price: $ 89.99 (in MyVPro)
Color: Black, silver, bronze, red, blue, purple, gold, green

Batteries: 2 x 18650
Watt range: 5-200 watts
voltage range: 1.0 to 12 volts
Dimensions: 88.5 mm x 54 mm x 42 mm
Resistance ranges from 0.08 3 ohm
Load: 5V / 2A

The contents of the kit
Topside double mod
Squonk kit bottle (10 ml)
accessory bag
micro-USB cable
Battery usage warning card
user’s guide
First impression
Dovpo x TVC double superstructure Squonk Mod
When I came to this mod, it was pretty much what I thought. After reviewing the top of the original, the battery is only twice the original version, which also means a bit bigger. It is a little thicker for extra batteries, but beyond that, they are very similar. It comes with pre-installed firmware update along the way, and does not require an update to open the temperature control and vice versa, as was the case with the original superstructure.

The latter only other thing I can think is topside squonk mod show new, double pulse, Dovpo Basium drones and of course much more expensive 250C.

The Dovpo mod superstructure very well built and well designed that it is very easy to hold in hand. It’s big and heavy, however, is larger than most dual battery Squonk mods I use. This does not mind the size and weight of a person, but keep in mind for those who prefer a device that is smaller and lighter. In fact, every Squonk double battery mod would be a bit just to be able to sign two batteries and bottles Squonk in it. The shape is very ergonomic and easy to Squonk with the middle finger and ring finger. Even perhaps in squonked vaping on it, the design is so great there. I have money and good color. It does not shine, but it’s not a good mat. It was somewhere between them and show no signs of wear or chip. hat filled with striations Squonk has a nice texture to make it easier to open the lid and screw.

No squeaker button at all in this mod. 510 big pin and gave me no problems with atomizers. 510 platform itself can be associated with the atomizer 25 mm without false fairly easily with little or replacement. most of aerosols It is covered in the market and should not be a problem unless you want to use the RDA of 30 mm – which is rare for people to use and just today. nice and bright screen of 0.96 inch black and white screen that is easy to read. USB port on the side mod and the fire button and dislocation. battery tray lock system is pretty standard background. Although I have a problem for the battery and leave and do not damage the packaging, it is very difficult to open and close the bottle because the system along the way. It should be easier to open and close, in my opinion.

Features and functions
Dovpo x TVC double superstructure Squonk Mod
In the menu system offers the following modes: electric (no selection preheat) mode voltage, TC Ni200, Ti, and SS mode and TCR. It has all the basic mode, but no extras like clothing power curve would have been nice, but not a big deal. There is also the option “Statistics” from the menu showing you smoke puff number and time.Vapeciga basium squonk mod bottles larger than most 10 ml, but had some problems while using which speak in the next section.

The superstructure of the double Dovpo (not the original) of the box with all the features and modes. The menu system is very easy to use as well.

5 Click the button to switch the fire on and off
Fire + adjust power mode TC
Fire + down to go to menu

  • Knob to lock, but we can still draw MOD
    When in the menu, simply use the up and down to scroll up and fire to accept. -Right well done menu system. In electric mode, move through a full 100 watts and 0.5 watts at least 100 watts, if done well. Holding up or down buttons to quickly adjust the power and back and Robbins.

Using mod for Squonk found I had a minor complaint, because it is difficult to see whether the bottle is full. Seen 75% to the bottom of the bottle through a cut, but not above it difficult to fill all the way unless you want to risk overfilling. Removing the bottle is quite easy, but you need to open the battery block, which as I said, it’s not easy to do first. In addition, the bottle was placed in the holder, so that all support is withdrawn, then remove the bottle for cleaning. We saw the same thing in the media mods such as bottles Aspire Feedlink and works well.

The evidence in this dovpo nickel 230w mod click in with Sony batteries VTC5A. They list the specifications to 200 watts and 12 volt, but there are limits below ampere. I hope that record a third because I feel every manufacturer should do. During my tests, achieving maximum is 232 watts, so the accurately assessed and be able to do a little more than 200 registered.

I limit with a 0.61 volt Ohm coil is 11 887, indicating that there is a strengthening circuit, because it must be based on their specifications. I see it as a bonus with a double mod battery because many of them do not have amplification circuit; they are not as important as the mods to a single cell. Really limited by the strength (232 achieved in the basement), which can achieve the full maximum voltage of 12 volts. very good performance there.

The good thing about this mod, I’ve never topped with limiting amplifier volt or so I’m quite able to get a full watt with all my evidence that resistance from 0.12 to 0.61 ohm. During my tests, the mod has done a great job of not too hot. Even when pushed to its limits, he never had a hot, very impressive. It is more accurate to 0.15 ohms or less and less than 100 watts – beyond which tend to hit high, so I recommend from about 10 watts lower than you normally do to compensate. He fought at all, is an impressive accumulation of 0.12 ohm. Overall it is a major player in the power mode.

Temperature control performance mode
As I mentioned above, the double is equipped with a firmware update, which means that the TC mode is enabled on the table as it should be. I did all my tests with SS316 wire. For this model we tried six different constructions:

round only a single coil
Single tower double coil
Luxury accumulation two single coil wire
A build luxury double coil wire

I have not used topside dual get code TC mod no DNA double battery that is good, and twice does not change that. No worse than any other affordable option, but unfortunately a mod I recommend the use of CT.

pros and cons
Good build quality
Many colors (8 total)
Good paint job
unique design
Both high filling system
Nothing beats button
the mode of operation of good energy
big buttons and fire Clicky
Watt accurately assess
Great amp limit
Volt to assess accurately
Having a control circuit
big, bright black and white display
Handle 25 mm without atomizers overhang
Easy to use menu system
There is no selection mode or watt thermal curve
temperature control performance is not good
No Squonk and a half empty bottle
the battery cover is difficult to open and close

Overall, Dovpo did a good job with this mod. Have a habit for most mods, because no one is perfect, but it was a good performance in the power mode, and I feel great having the drive circuit. as well as innovative filling method works well and allows the filling faster and less messy Me.

This mod is not fancy and it’s great big and small could make some. But if you do not use temperature control and do not mind the size, this model is a good choice, but not more than two or solid Squonk 18650 Other mods available in the market.

You can buy here:dovpo box mod

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