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All information about the VooPoo Drag 2, 177W in the review

VooPoo Drag 2

The VooPoo Drag is already cult and a device that every vaper likes to add to their collection.

It is therefore not particularly surprising that the manufacturer VooPoo wants to usher in a new era with a new edition, the Drag 2.

Visually quite similar to the well-known predecessor model, there are some changes in the Drag 2 that we would like to present to you in detail here.

It’s in the VooPoo Drag 2 Kit

VooPoo Drag 2 Kit

As usual, the first chapter of the review is dedicated to the respective kit and what is in it.

So here is the scope of delivery of the kit as a clear list:

  • The Drag 2, 177W battery mod / Mod
  • A UFORCE T2 tank with 5ml
  • 1 x pre-installed UFROCE U2 evaporator head
  • 1 x replacement atomizer head UFROCE N3
  • 1 x glass with 3.5ml
  • 1 x packet with replacement sealing rings
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • Various operating instructions
  • GENE chip card
  • Warranty card

As is usual with VooPoo, the entire kit is very elegant and attractively packaged and indicates value and high quality right from the first unpacking.

The drag logo is large and dominant on the front of the box and looks really appealing with the leather embossing.

It is also important to mention that no batteries are included in the scope of delivery of the kit. These have to be bought separately!

VooPoo Drag 2 Mod – The details about the mod

VooPoo Drag 2 Mod

The new VooPoo Drag 2 Box Mod is available in the normal version and in the Platinum Edition, a special luxury variant of the battery mod, in which the entire mod is coated with a platinum coating.

Due to the coating, the mod of the Platinum Edition is particularly protected against scratches and paint splits and also looks super classy.

However, here is the information about it: The Platinum Edition is a special edition that has to be purchased separately.

This review is about the kit of the VooPoo Drag 2, which includes the standard version of the mod.

As already mentioned at the beginning of the review, there were only minor changes to the design of the mod, so the second version also has a synthetic resin-style side panel, which, by the way, harmonizes perfectly with the matching drip tip.

So a successful set!

In addition, each resin side panel is a unique piece, since the color gradients in synthetic resin processing are different and therefore individual every time, even with the same color choice.

Shape and design of the battery mod

VooPoo Drag 2 design

The shape of the mod has been adapted, and is now much more rounded and curvy than the rather angular previous model. In addition, the new mod has an approx.

25% lower weight. Due to the weight reduction to only 158 grams in connection with the changed shape, the mod is, in my opinion, even better in the hand than the VooPoo Drag before.

Display and modes on Mod

The Drag 2 mod has a crystal OLED display for displaying the various parameters.

Thanks to the new GENE.FIT chip, the Drag 2 is able to support different outputs of different atomizer resistances.

The new GENE.FIT mode can be reached by pressing the fire button three times. Here you can choose between 3 different modes:

  1. FIT1 – battery-saving mode in which a slightly cooler vapor is developed with low power. In return you have a very long-lasting battery if the time until the next charge is a little longer.
  2. FIT2 – a healthy mediocrity with more taste and vapor development that are in a balanced relationship to the battery power. There isn’t much you can do wrong with this mode.
  3. FIT3 – maximum taste with maximum performance. In addition, of course, maximum steam and therefore extra-large clouds are guaranteed.

In watt mode, the mod has an output of up to 177 watts, which can be set in 1 watt increments.

If you switch to temperature mode, you have a range of 100 – 315 ° Celsius available.

The display, along with the fire button and the other buttons, is located on the side where it is conveniently accessible.

The brightness is possibly a small minus point with the otherwise very successful Drag 2, because in my opinion the display is a bit too dark and cannot be adjusted sufficiently high.

Data and facts about the UFORCE T2 tank

Thanks to its high volume of 5ml, the new UFORCE T2 tank offers ambitious vapers long-lasting enjoyment over several hours.

Optionally, the replacement glass with 3.5ml included in the kit can be used, if that’s more comfortable.

There are two atomizer heads for the tank, including the pre-installed UFROCE U2 and a replacement head, the UFROCE N3.

However, the tank is compatible with all coils from the U, N, R and D series.

The UFORCE T2 tank in connection with the mesh coils and the new N3 mesh coil brings a full-bodied and more intense taste.

The UFORCE T2 tank can be filled from above. All you have to do is push the upper part of the top-cap mouthpiece sideways and the opening for the filling is exposed.

This ideally makes it almost impossible for the liquid to leak – a great thing!

With the infinitely adjustable airflow system you can individually adapt the steam behavior to your own needs.

The change in the connection thread from battery mod to tank is also encouraging.

Here the 510 thread was placed more in the middle, so that even evaporators / tanks with a large resistance range of up to 5 ohms can be placed on it without protruding on the side.

This means that the number of tanks that can be used optionally is much larger and more varied than with the old model.

Take a closer look at battery and co

First of all, the note: Despite the kit, NO batteries are included. The battery cells must be purchased separately and are not part of the scope of delivery!

Basically, the VooPoo Drag 2 is operated with a total of two dual high-rate 18650 battery cells.

These can be changed or charged internally in the device using the USB connection provided (a micro USB connection is used here).

We recommend charging outside the battery carrier with an external charger, as this is generally gentler on the batteries and the hardware used.

When the kit is delivered, the battery is of course switched off. You activate this by pressing the fire button 5 times in quick succession.

The battery cover, the cover to the batteries, has also changed slightly compared to the previous model.

The function has remained the same with a magnetic lock, so you have a large magnet on the top and a small, elongated magnet on the bottom.

In the old system, however, the lid was firmly integrated into a frame inside, now it is on the outside.

Due to this change in construction, the lid has the slightest play and moves back and forth a little. But really only if you play around with it 😊

The capacity of each of the two battery cells is shown individually and separately on the display, so it is easy to see if the performance of one cell is deteriorating, but the other can perhaps still be used.

Here is a note about the battery cells:

The batteries used should be capable of high drainage, i.e. a maximum of 30 amps for continuous load and up to 40 amps for peak loads.

Pros and cons of the VooPoo Drag 2 Kit with a final conclusion

In addition to a really great and unusual look and an excellent feel, the DRAG 2 also undoubtedly has a technical interior of a very high level.

The mod feels absolutely high quality in the hand and the operation is without noticeable difficulties or restrictions.

We only noticed one small detail in the review, which limits the otherwise outstanding performance a little bit.

The cover of the battery cover has been criticized several times by various users, forums, shops and reviews.

In this review, too, we unfortunately have to point out, which is a shame, because otherwise there would really be nothing to criticize here.

Unfortunately, the change doesn’t really reveal itself to me either, so the magnetic closure with a fixed frame in the previous version was actually perfect and mature.

In my opinion, a change would not have been necessary here, and unfortunately it has now made things worse.

From an overall perspective, however, the VooPoo Drag 2 is a clear purchase recommendation and you can overlook the small flaw with the battery cover here

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