What Is The Difference Between Vapor and Cigarette Smoke?

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What Is The Difference Between Vapor and Cigarette Smoke?

If you’re a vaper you probably instantly snort the word Vape smoke out of your mouth. Or maybe if you’re not a paper you’ve never even heard it before. If you’re anything like most people who use any form of tobacco products you already know the embarrassing truth about Vape smoke. It’s that nasty, smelly, chemical taste we associate with cigarettes and other tobacco products. The question inevitably is “What on earth is a Vape Smoke?”

If you’re a regular vaper (some people use the term semi-smoker) then odds are the very thought of Vape smoke sends chills through your veins and sends your heart rate into overdrive. And chances are also you’ve been asked at least one of those annoying, yet frustrating questions at some point in your life. The questions are, what’s in Vape smoke, and is it harmful? Read on to discover what is in Vape smoke and the scary truth about this nasty substance.

First, the bad news. While Vaping may seem incredibly exciting to some newbie’s it can be just as dangerous if not worse than smoking. It’s important to understand that because vapor is technically smoke, it still burns. The chemicals and byproducts of burning cigarettes have been proven to be extremely harmful and this includes Vaping. Over time around your mouth and throat the chemicals build up, causing a chemical reaction that creates a nasty musty odor.

Ok, the good news. There is an answer to the question of what’s in Vape smoke. Since Vaping doesn’t actually burn the tobacco it’s important to remember that the chemical reaction creating that nasty tobacco smoke is no different than what happens when you light up a traditional cigarette. The nicotine and tar build up in your system are transferred into your saliva and then into your lungs causing that horrible stain.

So what’s in Vape smoke? In essence it’s the same thing that’s in cigarette smoke: It’s a combination of thousands of different chemicals, thousands of which are known carcinogens. But since Vaping doesn’t actually burn anything, there isn’t any chance of you ever inhaling any of those potentially deadly new chemicals. Therefore you’re basically getting a constant stream of dangerous new chemicals straight into your mouth and throat without even realizing it.

So how dangerous is Vape smoke compared to second-hand tobacco smoke? Well, according to the British Journal of Cancer, second-hand smoking is linked to 5 percent of all cancers. That’s fifty-two thousand deaths a year caused by second-hand tobacco smoke. By contrast, researchers estimate that about two hundred and forty thousand deaths each year are caused by vapor from electronic cigarettes. That’s about four hundred and twenty thousand deaths a year! The difference between the figures is huge.

There are other concerns associated with the dangers of electronic cigarettes. Many cancer researchers believe that the chemicals used to make Vape smoke are highly similar to the chemicals found in smoke. That’s because vapor is made by heating up nicotine, glycerine, propylene glycol and other chemicals. So just like cigarette smoke, your breath, skin and clothes are exposed to Vaping chemicals.

If you’re worried about the effect of Vaping on your health, don’t be. Electronic cigarettes, as with cigarette smoke, have very few risks when used properly. But just like cigarette smoke, you should avoid smoking whenever possible. If you’re going to use an electronic cigarette, make sure you always use them the recommended way – with the bottom of the mouth. This ensures that you don’t breathe in any of the nasty Vape smoke.