The Rise of Vaping & The Fall of Smoking

With the adoption of the Framework Convention for the Control of the Snuff the World Health Assembly in 2003 and the emergence and growth of new snuff products such as relx electronic cigarettes and heated not burn products snuff in recent years, the global tobacco industry has entered a new era of searching for the reform and development.

The Rise of Vaping & The Fall of Smoking

After decades of promotion and development, the fight against smoking and control of the snuff has gradually formed a global movement of the region to the country, a region internationally, from developed countries to developing countries Framework Convention on snuff countries. The control (FCTC) was adopted by the World Health Assembly in 2003 and entered into force in 2005. It has clearly expressed the firm political will of governments of various countries to control the snuff and has established a series of implementation mechanisms facilitative assistance, periodic reports, continued development and cooperation, and exchanges. The signing of the Convention is a milestone in the development of anti-snuff antibodies and control of the snuff global movement, marking the control of the snuff it has entered a new stage of global consensus, global and global control linkage. Since the entry into force of the Convention, the global movement control l snuff has been accelerating, survival, and development tobacco industry environment has become increasingly serious, and consumption behavior of people and social culture have been or are undergoing fundamental changes.

In recent decades, the total volume of production and sales of vapefly cigarettes worldwide has been hovering around 12 million boxes. Developed countries and regions have been decreasing from 20 to 30 for example years. For, cigarette consumption in the United States it dropped from a peak of 13.09 million cases in 1981 to 5.16 million cases in 2016, which has decreased by 60%. Japan has almost halved the number of a maximum of 6.8 million cases in 1992 to 3.47 million cases in 2016. Emerging economies such as China, Russia, Brazil, and Indonesia are saturated and stable or decreasing in developing countries states. Some of the economically backward regions, as Indian, the Mediterranean, and Africa, still have growth potential, but its size is not large, and the world as a whole is growing more than you can offset. At the same time, there is little chance of development through reduction coke .after over half a century network auction coke and reducing damage, the overall volume of coke is reduced to be in an average of 10 mg/cigarette. It is not technically impossible to further reduce coke, but the amount of coke is too low, the smoke is too weak, ofof cigarettes basic function of providing a certain amount of nicotine adjusted to the physiological and psychological needs of users is lost, the market can accept. At currently not mainstream consumption of cigarettes in developed countries it is basically stable in the amount of 6 to 8 mg/bottle, the overall reduction in coke and caused by the low sales margin growth. In recent years, due to the influence of control of snuff and smoking ban, some products like traditional chewing snuff, snuff, cigar, and smoke mouth appear some recovery in growth in Europe and America times have changed and these products markets. Buts On unlikely to return to most markets mainstream. With cigarette smoking and saturated or shrink the size of the global industry of traditional snuff may have peaked and is about bathing TER downward trend.

Since the beginning of the new century, a number of new snuff products have emerged, showing a strong momentum worst ever situation development. The forces control the snuff tobacco industry to seek reform and breakthrough. In 2004 of the first e-cigarette world went on the market, with both companies snuff and snuff contain no market. With entering the continuous development of wotofo e-cigarette and no combustion products snuff heating technology and pro keep going

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