The Most Complete Variety Of E-Cigarette Play

Why can e-cigarette make people who like it so obsessed, and even become a lifetime hobby? This has to do with the fact that e-cigarettes can be used in so many different ways. Let’s take a look at what you can actually do with an e-cigarette.

One, the suction

There are many ways to smoke a cigarette.

Inhaling through the mouth – Like a traditional cigarette, the atomizer with small pores can only smoke through the mouth. E-cigarettes were originally designed to mimic the feeling of a traditional cigarette and help smokers find the feeling of smoking so they can quit.

Lung suction — directly into the lungs, is a unique way of e-cigarette, which requires a relatively large air hole in the atomizer, and the smoke oil generally cannot contain a too high concentration of nicotine, otherwise, the smoke will be very choking because of too much smoke and too strong throat-hitting feeling.

One of the easier things to do is to roll the smoke slowly out of your mouth with your tongue and contract the upper lip to contract the lower lip as you Inhale through your nose, forming a cycle from your mouth to your nose and lungs.

To Ghost down – to roll the cigarette out of your mouth slowly and Inhale back down into your mouth before releasing it is easier and cooler.

Two, fancy smoke ring

Due to the fact that e-smoke can be bigger and bigger, various experts have developed all kinds of cool smoking rings. When you are in a bar or nightclub, you can take out an e-cigarette with one and a half strokes.

Standard smoke ring – one of the signs of beginners playing e-cigarette advanced, in fact, the principle is also very simple, need more practice and experience.Two points to note: 1. The mouth suction should be as round as possible;2. Push smoke out of your mouth quickly with your tongue.In addition, the smoke is best inhaled in the mouth rather than the lungs, so that the smoke will be thick enough that the smoke rings are not easily dispersed.

Cheerios — Pointing your finger at your cheek and letting small smoke rings come out of your mouth all the time.

Double or triple smoke rings – separate the lips with your fingers so that the smoke comes out of two or three mouths.In my opinion, this is basically the hardest way to play e-cigarettes.

Dragon — The smoke comes out of the nose and mouth at the same time. It is very simple and cool. Foreigners call it Dragon because it feels like a Dragon beard.

Jellyfish – first spit out a big smoke ring, wait for a period of time after the movement of the big smoke ring, then spit out a mass of smoke in the middle of the ring, will form a swimming jellyfish.

Tornado – spit out a section of smoke on the table on the table, and then hand up to quickly fan the wind, creating an airflow, smoke will immediately like a tornado rotation.

Three, super large smoke

This is the ultimate pursuit of many e-cigarette players as well as many DO-it-yourself players. With the use of high-power e-cigarette, one puff of it can fill a room with smoke and make you feel like your whole soul is out of it. However, big smoke is not recommended for ordinary players to try, because it requires special electronic cigarette boxes and atomizers, as well as 0mg nicotine e-cigarette oil (otherwise it will be poisoned), and the smoke oil should have a high VG content (which can produce more smoke) to feel:

Party to add to the fun

The party of smoke oil, puff together, the atmosphere can hi arrive pole, still, need not be like a general party so drink stagger, go home by daughter-in-law cummer scold or it is the next day headache.

Five, the DIY

Electronic cigarette DIY general players are mainly around their own resistance wire in the atomizer, but also some people can adjust the smoke oil can be counted as DIY. It is said that playing e-cigarette is a pit. The real pit is DIY, which costs a lot of money. However, DIY can make a powerful effect and smoke amount you want. So many players are obsessed with e-cigarettes, but we encourage e-cigarettes as a convenient tool for most consumers to taste cigarettes, no matter how many.

Taste the smoke oil

Why ordinary people to buy electronic cigarettes, most people hope the electronic cigarette can bring spiritual and sensual pleasures, electronic cigarettes species is numerous, but its core is nothing more than a tool, we eventually experience or smoke oil brings us the different feeling, anyone can find a few suits own smoke oil, oil smoke can say is the soul of the whole VAPE, the choice is more, in a leisure afternoon, take an electronic cigarette and find like smoke oil, full-bodied sweet smell, or fresh fruit, pour a cup of wine, at home watching movies on a few months, wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy.

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