OBS Skye Replacement OM Coil 5PCS

<span style=""color: #ff2a00;"">OBS</span> Skye Replacement OM Coil 5PCS</h1>
<p><strong>Description:</strong><br>OBS Skye Coils is suitable for OBS Skye Pod Kit, it is born for dense clouds with smooth, mild, and better taste. OBS Skye Coils offers two types: 1.0ohm OM SK regular coil should be used with nic salt for an MTL vape experience; while the 0.4ohm OM YE mesh coil is for standard e-liquids with a nicotine level below 6mg for a Restricted DTL vape experience. These coils also feature a 'Plug and Pull' design, which makes it easy to remove and replace. 5pcs each pack.<br data-mce-fragment=""1""><br><strong>Specifications:</strong><br>Coil Type:0.4ohm OM YE Mesh Coil; 1.0ohm OM SK Regular Coil<br data-mce-fragment=""1"">Fit for:OBS Skye Pod Mod Kit<br data-mce-fragment=""1"">Quantity:5pcs/pack<br><strong></strong></p>
<p><strong>Package Contents: </strong><br>1 x OBS OM Coil (0.4ohm OM YE/1.0ohm OM SK)<br data-mce-fragment=""1""><br data-mce-fragment=""1""></p>"

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